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"Life Sliding is a compelling read from beginning to end..."

Life Sliding 

As Gavins junior year comes to a close, he faces an inner conflict with his status as the most popular kid in high school. Its not lost on his father, who sensed for some time that his overly indulged son needs redirection. Making matters worse for Gavin, his dad sends him away for the summer to assist at a camp for children with special needs.

Arriving at camp Life Me Up, Gavin is suddenly forced to dabble in a world less familiar. After his first uncomfortable encounter with a strange girl with multi-colored fingernails, who refuses to waiver his arrogant behavior, Gavin comes face to face with a person from the past, which leaves him uneasy.

Inevitably, three people clash and collide, but when tragedy strikes, they come to an understanding regarding their differences. Becoming a young adult, Gavin faces a summer of harsh lessons in reality. Once he crosses the bridge from a self-inflicted prison to the road to freedom, Gavin and his new friends implement a strategy to stir up the social order when they return to school in the fall.

Because of one jaded person jumping to conclusions, the plan backfires. Will they be able to survive the fallout of what they've put into motion?

Life Sliding is in development to become a feature film. 

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Always Here

Always Here 

Miranda is an awkward teen who dreams of musical theatre stardom and following some encouragement from her eccentric best friend Christian, she decides to audition for their upcoming school's performance. It comes as not surprise when she is beat out by the most popular girl in school.
All is not lost however since Miranda is pick to understudy the girl whom everyone views is perfect. Perfect looks, perfect money and the perfect boyfriend. Even her goofy younger brother best friend falls prey to the allure of Pam, who Miranda jokingly speculates might be a vampire.
Soon after the leap of faith, Miranda and Christian uncover that someone in a seemingly perfect high school romance is hiding something. The secrets are well hidden behind the walls of popularity and gated communities, where proper fork placement takes priority over the frivolous dreams of a teenager.
Rushing to save someone dramatically alters the lives of six young adults when late one night on a two lane road, a flickering brake light leads to the revealing of truths and the fulfillment of promises. One of those promises Miranda and Christian made in the third grade.
With an auditorium fully seated on opening night it become necessary for Christian to remind Miranda of a pact they made at very early age. It came with two words, "Always Here."


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