Young adult books Life Sliding and Always Here by Author S. L. Mauldin

"A compelling read from beginning to end..."

Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review Midwest Book Review Midwest Book Review

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 "...and clearly demonstrates author S. L. Mauldin's original and exceptionally gifted storytelling talents. While very highly recommended for school and community library YA Fiction collections.."  

"Soon, he discovered it was a life changing experience."

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Life Sliding - Reviews

"Life Sliding , S.L. Mauldin’s young adult novel is a grand and glorious read about the pressures to conform that shackle children and young adults in school, and one popular kid’s realization that there was much more to life than being the most looked up to.... " Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite 

"High school romances are often flirty and based on who is who and what social class you fall into. While this novel starts out following those trends and is easily relatable to readers, it soon twists and becomes so much more....."  Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner March 2018

Always Here

"Intense, Emotional and Raw - A Truly Engaging YA Drama!  A gripping tale that hits all of the emotional chords in perfect procession, author S.L. Mauldin does a magnificent job of creating characters readers will be able to relate to while also showcasing the everyday struggles that people don’t always think happen around them.