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Always Here - The Novel

MIRANDA IS AN AWKWARD teen, who dreams of musical theater stardom and following some encouragement from her eccentric best friend Christian, she decides to audition for their school's upcoming performance. It comes as no surprise when she is beat out by the most popular girl in school. 

All is not lost however since Miranda is selected to understudy the girl whom everyone views as perfect. Perfect looks, perfect money, and the perfect boyfriend. Even her younger brother's goofy best friend falls prey to allure of Pam who Miranda jokingly speculates might be a vampire. 

Soon after the leap of faith, Miranda and Christian uncover that someone in a seemingly perfect high school romance is hiding something. The bruises and the public displays that aren't so affectionate initiate the discovery. The secrets are well hidden behind the walls of popularity and gated communities where proper fork placement takes priority over the frivolous dreams of a teenager. 

Rushing to save someone dramatically alters to the lives of six young adults when late one night on a two lane road a flickering brake light leads to the revealing of truths and the fulfillment of promises. One of those promises Miranda and Christian made in the third grade. With an auditorium fully seated on opening night, it becomes necessary for Christian to remind Miranda of a pact they made at a very young age. It came with two words "Always Here."

Cast Interview

Atlanta Film Chat Podcast

With director Hagen Mattingly, Jonathan Matthews, Cate Petteway & Javy Barahona.    Listen Here 


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CATE PETTEWAY—Cate's love and passion for acting has been part of her life since she was very little. From school plays to musicals and theatre to now film and TV, her talent to play a variety of characters, her professionalism, and her love for her fellow actors is what makes her stand out. Cate portrays Miranda in the short film "Always Here." 


GABBI FAIREY—At a young age Gabbi discovered her passion for acting and has enjoyed theatre since the age of ten. She won 1st place a state competition for her role as Banshee in the musical, "Starmites." Gabbi enjoys challenging roles such as Charlotte in the film "Always," a period piece filmed in July of 2016. Gabbi portrays the character Pam in "Always Here." 


JAVY BARAHONA—With a background in TV/Film, Javy has played roles from the annoying younger brother, the witty class clown, a mythological Greek being, to an average high school skater boy, adding a little dose of comedy any chance he gets in various films, web series, and soap operas. In "Always Here," Javy serves as the character Nathan. 


JONATHAN MATTHEWS—As the character Christian, Jonathan  is making his onscreen debut in the short film "Always Here". Jonathan has performed in 9 different live shows spanning over a 4 year career. He is active with his high school theater troupe and has performed with the Holly Theatre Company. Some of his previous roles include an introverted high school nerd, an overactive attention seeking cat, and a Scrooge-like angry businessman. Jonathan also enjoys singing, photography, and writing in his spare time. 


TONY VELLER—An Ohio native, Tony started his acting journey in 2016. After co-teaching acting classes with his mentor, he decided to pursue acting full time. His love for his craft has landed him a few roles in short films and a webseries. For him acting has become a way of life and he is excited to take on more opportunities. In "Always Here," Tony takes on the role of Trent. 


TY REDNER—If Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell had a child it would be Ty Redner. Ty not only aspires to play a complex leading character like Pitt as Billy Beane in Moneyball, but also enjoys summoning his inner Will Ferrell which usually leaves an audience needing Depends. Ty loves being outside and riding his longboard. He also loves working with kids and volunteers at his church bringing laughter and Christ to the younger generation. Ty started his acting career at the tender age of five and has done numerous commercials and short films and plans to make a career out of bringing laughter and entertainment to the world by either being in front of or behind the camera. Ty humorously covers the role of Greer in Always Here.