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Midwestern Book Review

"Life Sliding is a compelling read from beginning to end and clearly demonstrates author S. L. Mauldin's original and exceptionally gifted storytelling talents. While very highly recommended for school and community library YA Fiction collections.." 

By Angelita L

"Life Sliding is a fantastic book to read. Constantly leaving you on edge to keep turning pages and keep reading until the book is done. It is a terrific coming of age story that tackles many issues.

Throughout the story, the characters had dealt with many things, including hate, stereotyping, identity crisis, death and bullying. 

Life Sliding is quite the adventure and the coming of age aspect of it, is a huge part that ends up leaving you tackling many issues in life..."

By C. Keller

"Teachers and parents pay attention! Throughout the story, the characters deal with hate, stereotyping, identity crises, death, and bullying. Coping with these issues leads them down a path of self-discovery allowing them to be themselves. High School students would definitely be interested, and the book provides lots of opportunities for classroom discussion and lessons, as well as the opportunity for parents to begin a dialogue with their children. Well done! "

Amazon Customer

"Whether coming of age, a parent wishing to understand, or an avid reader, this book gives an intricate view into the human plight. Reading it is a journey that awakens compassion and empathy to the heart, and gives a boost to anyone struggling." 

By Amaris DeRossett

"This is such a great book. Reminds us of the tender, bold, and (maybe) dangerous years of youth. What memories it brought back. It's a great read, and I highly recommend it."

By Deb Szuhai

"If you don't ever read anything else, you really must read this. It brings back a lot of memories to me."

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